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  Today, Lao Wang brings you a German brand of percussion massage gun -MedigunPro version of Casada VOLTRX. MedigunPro is a joint version designated by Laimei. This percussion massage gun includes a packing box, a main box, a gun body charger, and 6 different massage heads. Two of them are stainless steel gun heads, which are included in the VOLTRX percussion massage gun. An envelope is actually something like a warranty card.

  VOLTRX for MedigunPro

  1. The appearance of the percussion massage gun of Casada

  The overall appearance of this version of VOLTRX is more industrial-style and technological than the previous generation. The body material is made of all-aluminum alloy, including the front half and the rear half of the chassis. At the top of the fuselage is a whole LCD panel, with the logo of Voltrx Lamy, and the speed indicator that can change with the gear. It is very cool. This design has never been seen on the market.

  2. Battery for percussion massage gun

  Kasada VOLTRX, Germany

  The battery of this German industrial Casada percussion massage gun uses imported high-density power batteries. The related website stated that it can be used for 6 to 8 hours intermittently after being fully charged. If it’s true, it’s really good, at least in terms of battery life. Why does this generation of products have the same power as the previous generation products, but the battery life has been increased? I have to say that the motors used in the VOLTRX percussion massage gun are different.

  3. The motor of the VOLTRX percussion massage gun

  This version of the electric motor has been upgraded in all directions, the power has been increased by 20%, and the energy consumption has been reduced by 10%. If it is true that the motor has been upgraded as mentioned above, it is indeed good, at least in terms of energy consumption.

  4. The noise of this percussion massage gun


  Related websites and video reports said that the noise of this percussion massage gun can be used to “kill” all percussion massage guns on the market.

  5. Charging

  At the bottom of the battery of the gun body is the power switch and the charging port. When charging, the power switch must be turned on, and the percussion massage gun will start charging, and there is a breathing light flashing on the gun handle.

  6. ​​Unique dual mode of sports rehabilitation

  Casada MedigunPro percussion massage gun is uniquely called: sports rehabilitation dual mode. There is a button at the end of the percussion massage gun, which turns green when you click it. There are five gears, and the maximum can reach 3400 rpm. The power is also very strong.

  When the light turns blue, the frequency of each gear is not fixed, but a cycle every few seconds, from slow to fast fluctuations, and under this fluctuation, blood circulation will be more smooth, muscles and fascia Will be fully relaxed, especially suitable for chronic pain.

  7.MedigunPro’s 6 massage heads

  Spherical shape, softer tips and flat massage. These three tips are suitable for large-area muscle groups. However, the materials and shapes of these three tips are different, so the strength is different. Next is the bullet massage head made of steel, which can be used in the recessed area. The shoveling massage head is suitable for the place where the fascia matrix adheres, and it has a better effect on combing the fibrous muscles. The rest is the U-shaped massage head.

  Okay, the above is all the introduction of the VOLTRX percussion massage gun of German industry MedigunPro version brought by Pharaoh today. As for the price of this percussion massage gun, local tyrants are free.

  Finally, I would like to talk about why a good percussion massage gun feels deep on the body, while a cheap percussion massage gun also has about 3000 revolutions on the body, but it always feels that the skin strength is not deep? MedigunPro percussion massage gun in The AI ​​smart chip is designed inside, which can intelligently adjust the current output according to the pressure induction of the gun tip. In other words, the power output of this percussion massage gun is different when it is idling and when it is placed on the body or when it detects different strengths. This is why VOLTRX can penetrate strongly. And this design is not available in most brands.