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  This type of neck massager developed for sports has stronger vibration than general home massage equipment. Many users believe that neck massager can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and speed up recovery. Is it really that amazing?

  High-frequency vibrations transmit power to deep muscles

  The price range of neck massager currently on the market is very large, ranging from 100 to 4,000 yuan, but it is still popular among gymnasts. This type of neck massager has 2000 to 3000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, which transfers power into the deep layer of the muscles, which helps relax muscles, improve blood circulation, accelerate the elimination of lactic acid, and relieve muscle soreness. “Muscles have a certain thickness. Human hands or home massage equipment can only reach the surface layer of the muscles. The high-frequency vibration of the neck massager transmits the strength to the deeper muscles and the effect is more obvious.”


  Neck massager has been favored by many sports enthusiasts, hoping to improve muscle tension and improve sports performance. But many people use it incorrectly, and the result is getting worse. “Not all pains can be treated with a neck massager reliably, and the time and frequency of use also affect the effect.”

  Oh, yes, Lao Wang has updated an article titled [The correct way to use neck massager on different parts of the body]. Those who are interested may wish to check it out.

  Do not use for muscle strain and inflammation

  Misunderstanding 1: Any pain after exercise can be massaged with neck massager.

  Answer: neck massager can improve muscle soreness, tightness and other strains; but muscle pain accompanied by redness and swelling in sports injuries may be acute inflammation. Do not use neck massager to press the affected area, otherwise it will aggravate the injury.

  After running, a man developed pain in the back muscle of his right thigh. At that time, there was no redness and swelling in the affected area. It was mistaken for muscle soreness and fatigue. After applying ice, his condition did not improve. So he used a neck massager to relax the muscles behind the thigh. Problem: When I got up the next day, my right thigh was very painful and swollen. It affected my movement and I had to seek medical attention immediately. I found that my muscles were injured. Misuse of neck massager made the injury worse. Finally, I had to receive physical therapy.

  Press for 5-10 minutes at the same location for a limited time

  Misunderstanding 2: Use neck massager to relax muscles. The stronger the strength, the more effective, the longer the time, the more comfortable.

  Answer: Too much strength or time can cause injury at any time. Under high-frequency vibration, the force first passes through the skin, fat layer, and fascia layer, and then enters the muscle layer; the force passes through each layer of tissue, and the strength decreases gradually. The skin, fat layer and fascia layer are the first to be stressed. If the force is too strong, it is easy to bruise the surface tissues and even slightly tear the muscles.


  Neck massager is suitable for large groups of muscles, such as the buttocks and quadriceps. Due to the large muscles, a deeper massage is required. As for areas with a thinner muscle layer, such as the shoulders, they may not be subjected to too much force and can easily cause bruises. It is recommended to use manual massage with gentler force.

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  As for the time, every time you use the neck massager, you can’t massage in the same position for too long. It is recommended to press for 5 to 10 minutes. The neck massager can be equipped with neck massager heads of different sizes and shapes, which is convenient for users to choose according to their needs. The vertebral neck massager head is suitable for small muscles such as the forearm. , The use time should be shorter, not more than 5 minutes; the ball-shaped pipette tip has a larger area of ​​contact with the skin, and the force is more average, so press it for 10 minutes at most.

  does not improve joint pain, misuse or damage to the fascia

  Misunderstanding 3: Joint pain after exercise can be improved by neck massager.

  Answer: The neck massager is only applicable to muscles, and joints include bones and ligaments; when high-frequency force is transmitted to the bones, the force rebounds to the ligaments, and eventually may be injured due to excessive load. A man suffered from ankle pain after running and used a neck massager to relax. The ankle swelled the next day. The ankle muscles are thin, and the neck massager is like a hammer that keeps hitting the ankle, finally hurting the fascia.


  For muscle soreness, massage to increase blood circulation can be improved; but joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion, or ligament strain. These reasons cannot be treated by concussive massage, but by stretching or strengthening muscles. To improve, you can ask a physiotherapist for help when necessary.

  Neck, chest, abdomen and axillary should not be used to avoid injury to blood vessels, heart, lungs and nerve lines

  Misunderstanding 4: All muscles in the body can use neck massager.

  Answer: Neck massager is not suitable for the following locations:

  carotid artery or femoral artery location

  Although the wall of the aorta is thicker, it may be damaged if it is continuously subjected to gravity, and thrombus will appear in the damage. Once the thrombus falls off, the blood flows into the brain and blocks the cerebral blood vessels, which can lead to ischemic stroke.


  Because it is close to the heart, lungs and other major organs, it may cause shock injuries.


  The armpits are covered with lymphatic tissues and nerve lines, which may damage and inflame the lymphatics, or damage the nerve lines, causing paralysis of the hands.

  lower head muscles are less flexible, hand massage is better

  Misunderstanding 5: The neck, shoulder and waist pain of the head-down family can be relaxed with a neck massager.

  Answer: Soreness caused by poor posture or insufficient muscle strength does not necessarily need to use such a high-frequency massager. Especially people who often sit for a long time and have poor muscle strength have poor muscle elasticity and cannot withstand the high-frequency force of the neck massager and are prone to injury. In fact, the general backaches and backaches can be massaged with hands or ordinary household massage equipment to relax. The strength will not be too strong and the risk of injury will be reduced.