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plastic shaker bottle

  Voltrx is the favorite shaker bottle for fitness enthusiasts. BPA-free, these bottles are safe to store on top of the dishwasher and are available in 8 different colors – the style you choose depends on your preference. These cups are 22 ounces (about 700 ml) and the cups are graduated so you know exactly what ingredients you are pouring in.

electric shaker bottle

  The bottles have a dedicated Voltrx stirrer and come with a screw-on traditional screw-on lid. The cup has a wide opening to accommodate drinks and pours. If you plan to prepare protein drinks or smoothies ahead of time and then refrigerate them for a few hours, the shaker with a sealed lid is a good choice. Shaker lids with finger rings are easy to transport. But the most important feature of the glass is leak-proof to prevent spills on your clothes, in your gym bag or in your car, and this is something Voltrx glass shaker bottle do well.