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  After fitness and exercise, many people will choose to use different equipment for massage and relaxation, such as message gun, foam shafts, fascia balls and so on, so just to reduce their own soreness and make the state recovery faster. However, many people’s concept of massage relaxation only stays in the massage of painful points and stretching the muscle group, but ignore many details, and even use the wrong method, increasing the risk of re-injury.

  The body massage relaxation of the 5 major points

  1. Why do massage relaxation

  After weight training, the muscles will produce small trauma, leaving scar tissue and small nodes (pain points), so that the future training performance is affected. Through massage and relaxation, you can unlock and relieve these pain points.

  2. The principle behind massage and relaxation

  The reason why massage and relaxation of human muscle groups can effectively unlock these pain points is because the mechanical receptors of the body’s Golfer’s tendon apparatus tell the brain that a pressure is being applied to our muscles. When the brain receives this signal, it will relax that muscle to prevent muscle tearing as a human protection mechanism.

  3. How to properly relax massage sore parts

  On the market, common massage equipment are foam rollers, massage rollers, soft baseball, peanut ball, fascia gun, etc., their use of the principle is actually much the same. When you find the muscle tissue sore spot, you should first massage the muscle tissue around the sore spot, slowly apply pressure to the sore spot, and stay on it for 15-25 seconds to apply continuous pressure. At the same time, massage in the direction of the muscle bundle, according to the muscle quality and tension of the soft tissue for about 30-60 seconds (each muscle group). The body should be completely relaxed, as well as deep breathing.

  4. The use of massage equipment

  Myofascial gun is the most convenient and direct equipment, which can be relaxed by different strengths and tips, so that both superficial and deep pain points can be taken care of. The use of foam shafts, massage rollers and other equipment, to adjust their own body posture, shift the weight of the body to change the massage intensity.

  5. Common massage error way

  Direct pressure on the pain points.

  The same pain point of the pressure time is too long. If so, too much pressure on the same point, it may cause soft tissue and nerve damage, later to spend more time to recover.

  Stretching before relaxing the painful point.

  Massage without attention to the position of the spine, especially when using a foam roller, twisting the spine may cause injury, and not deliberately use the roller down the back, because that wrapped no additional bone to protect the spine.

  Pressing too fast will not give the brain enough time to receive messages to relax the muscles. You should massage slowly to allow the superficial fascia and muscles to adapt.