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  What is a fascia gun?

  Massager gun is a high-frequency impact device that uses a high-speed motor to drive the “gun head” to hit or vibrate the deep muscle tissue to promote blood circulation, avoid lactic acid buildup, and relieve muscle pain. Small amplitude, fast speed. The amplitude is about 10-16mm and the frequency is about 30-50Hz, which is 1800-3000 times per minute.

  Who is the Fascial Gun for?

  After fitness or exercise, sympathetic nerves are overexcited, muscles are tense and fascia is adhered. NBA stars love fascia gun, they play ball on the field and gun off the field, the recovery effect is great, the advertising income is also great. If you have a disease or unexplained pain, it is wise to remember to see a doctor. As for body shaping, weight loss and so on, they are all big fools.

  Why should older people use caution?

  First, there are many contraindications. Fascial guns have many contraindications, the head, face, cervical spine, lumbar spine, joints and other sensitive areas are really not prohibited to play. Aneurysms, bleeding, thrombosis; heart disease, with pacemakers or defibrillators; cancer and other patients really can not play. No these diseases also can not play to the internal organs. It is inevitable that there is a little more underlying disease when you get older, especially cardiovascular disease.

  The second is osteoporosis. Aged osteoporotic, thoracic and lumbar spine fractures caused by low back pain, most trauma history is not clear, blind use of fascial gun will aggravate the injury, counterproductive.

  Third, muscle loss. The location near the bone with less muscle coverage cannot be played. When you get older, muscle loss is rapid, generally from the age of 40, reducing 3-5% per year; after the age of 80, the loss of about 50%.

  Fourth, cognitive impairment. Many cognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cannot be reversed at this time. There are cognitive impairments.