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hyperrice gun

  Voltrx fascia gun is a very good product for sedentary office workers, you may have been facing the computer, cell phone, tablet and other devices.

  In the office, it is easy to face the computer with rounded shoulders, hunched neck and forearm muscles are usually very tight due to typing.

  How can I relax my forearm muscles?

  Use the Hypervolt to treat the forearm muscle groups

  Turn on the fascia gun and operate it on the forearm.

  It is important to take care of the deeper, larger areas of the forearm flexors.

  It is important to avoid the wrist and elbow bones and to work only on the muscular part.

  If you find a pressure point (sensitive sore spot), stay there for 30 seconds to release and relax.

  Use the fascial gun to treat the muscles in the front of the arm

  Use the fascia gun to treat the muscles on the other side.

  These are the extensor muscles, which are as tight as the flexors due to typing, again avoiding the wrist bone and elbow bone.

  How to relax the chest muscle groups?

  Avoid the clavicle and the sternum inside with the fascia gun

  When working on the pectoral muscles, avoid the clavicle and the inner sternum and work only on the muscles themselves.

  Fascial gun works at the trapezius muscle

  The pectoral muscles are tightened due to rounded shoulders and randomly move up to the trapezius muscle of the shoulder.

  Again, avoid the clavicular shoulder suture and the cervical joint!