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  Look at the hot spots in the market

  Do you own an Apple Watch? Fitbit? Garmin? Do you often measure your fitness level?

  Are you training at F45? Participate in weekly recurring classes? I like indoor cycling, core training, dance training. Ladder class?

  Do you have a fitness partner who often trains with you? Are you a member of the running club? Do you faithfully follow the fitness application? Have you followed any fitness influencers on Instagram?

  Do you have daily activities? Do you have a training plan made by yourself? Is your training divided into aerobic exercise and weightlifting? Have you heard of the benefits of yoga? Will you train with a personal trainer?

  Are you on a diet and detox? Do you know gut health? Have you tried plant-based? Do you think you will be criticized every time you eat meat?

  If the answer to the above 50% of the questions is “yes”, please don’t worry. Just like the rest of us, you try all the techniques in this book to make it healthy and like to keep up with some of the latest fitness trends.

  Maybe you have tried all the diet under the sun. Maybe you changed your way of exercising? Maybe you are just walking along the beach or running in the morning. Or maybe you just skipped the whole step, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, etc.

  Maybe you have just started. Because what better time to start than now?

  new Year. New chapter. New beginning. The new decade. New Era. No matter what it means to you. This is just the beginning of something new.

  At P92, we are eager to cooperate with you to achieve the best self and live the best life!

  Well, there is no hope, but if you want, we are willing to give it a try. Cut off the BS. We don’t just refer to your typical diet, exercise challenge. We are talking about lifestyle.

  Please continue to pay attention to the P92 lifestyle that we will realize with you.

  You will be able to participate in P92 challenges and competitions, rankings and goals, we will ensure that you can participate! Moreover, we will also provide you with some prizes!

  How many burlap can be hit in 92 seconds?

  Record time 9.2 kilometers?

  92 push-ups?

  sounds like something you can do. Faster. You know you can.

  Do you play games? Let’s get to work.

  So in order to maintain the trend, here are the main fitness trends we will see in 2020. Yes, this is almost more information you already know or will see.

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  According to the ACSM 2019 Global Fitness Trends Annual Survey, the emerging trends we will see in 2020 include [1];

  wearable technology

  HIIT training (high-intensity interval training)

  group training

  free weight training

  Personal training

  Exercise is medicine

  weight training

  Senior Fitness Program

  Health and Health Guidance

  weight loss exercise

  functional physical exercise

  Outdoor sports


  Lifestyle Medicine

  Cycle training workplace health promotion and workplace welfare program

  Achievement measurement

  Children and sports