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  To eliminate tiredness from a day’s work or body aches after strenuous exercise, it is convenient and not to ask for a relaxing massage. Recently, the popular muscle massage gun has become very popular. The physiotherapist said that the massage gun has the effect of relaxing and tightening muscles and promoting blood circulation. It is especially suitable for people who feel muscle weakness and fatigue after exercise. However, they should also pay attention to the use of contraindications, including the front of the neck, both sides of the neck, and the heels. Should not be used, once sports injuries, the wrong use of the massage gun will aggravate the problem of muscle tears at any time.

  The principle of the massage gun is to transmit power to the muscles through high-frequency vibration, that is, about 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute, so as to achieve the effect of relaxing and tightening the muscles. It is a more convenient and labor-saving massage method, but Does not have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Hong Kong physiotherapist Huang Ruiqi said that the massage gun is suitable for use on a large group of muscles, such as buttocks, thighs, calves and hands. For example, people who feel soreness in their calf muscles after running or climbing can be used. But if it is used on the back, pay more attention to avoid shaking the shoulder blades, spine and other positions.

  As for some parts involving large blood vessels, it is not recommended, including the front of the neck and both sides of the neck, abdomen, underarms, and groin. The yellow finger should also be avoided in the heel and joints. If it is incorrectly used on the knee, it may cause too much pressure on the knee, which may cause damage to the periosteum or joints in the slightest, and may cause bone shock or fracture in severe cases.

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  Huang said that there was a man in his 30s who felt heel pain after completing a 20-kilometer long-distance running training. He then used a home foot massager to relieve him, but thought the effect was insufficient, and then used a massage gun to shake the heel of his left foot. When I got up the next morning, I felt severe pain in my left foot as soon as he landed on the ground. Huang said that the muscles of the soles of the feet are mostly thin muscles. Massage guns are not recommended. In addition, if the soles of the feet are painful, they may already have inflammation. If you use the massage guns indiscriminately, you can damage the fascia or periosteum at any time. The consequences may be large or small.

  Although the massage gun can help relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, the yellow finger is not recommended if it is the pain caused by the injury, otherwise it may tear the muscles and aggravate the condition. Injury refers to inflammation of the affected area, that is, redness, swelling, heat, pain and other symptoms, or “pain if you are not moving.” On the contrary, muscle fatigue after general exercise may decrease over time, or it is usually painful after exercise. If the public is not sure, it is best to wait for observation. For example, it is better to use the massage gun the next day after exercise to prevent injuries.

  There are also tips on how to use the massage gun. The yellow finger, for example, you can try it for 5 minutes in the initial use. It is not recommended to concentrate the power of the vibration at one point or one position. As for the more tight muscles, 15 minutes at most is enough. Too long may cause muscle bruising. The intensity of use should also be moderate, emphasizing that it is not “the more pain the better”, it should be mild to moderate, and it is best to start with mild.

  Huang said that there are some people who are not suitable to use massage guns, including those who have been injured, pregnant women, have cancer or have vascular diseases. In addition, patients who are taking aspirin are more likely to have subcutaneous bleeding problems and are not suitable for massage guns. He suggested that before using a massage gun, it is better to consult a professional such as a physical therapist, which is safer.

  Many people often suffer from shoulder and neck pain. Although a massage gun can be used to relieve muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by long-term use of a computer, the pain must be cured. The cause should be examined and daily improvements can be expected to eliminate the pain in the long term.

  In addition, it is necessary to cooperate with proper stretching, that is, to lengthen the muscles to maintain flexibility and reduce injuries. Muscle training is also indispensable, such as “retracting the chin”. As for the problem of low back pain, it is the same. You also need to pay attention to your daily posture and exercise your core muscles. Massage tools cannot replace the benefits of stretching and muscle training. People should pay attention to it.

  There are many tools in the market that have similar massage guns that can relax the muscles. Yellow fingers, such as tennis balls or massage balls that are ready to use, press on the back of the neck.