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muscle massager gun

  A similar conclusion has been published on the website before: using a massage gun does not make your legs thinner. It’s worth mentioning that it might be useful, but it’s the result of shaping. If you want a slim calf, you have to rely on exercise. After that, use gun massager amazon to massage the leg muscles and perform a certain stretch to have a shaping effect.

  Gun massager amazon mainly plays a role in helping to relax the muscles. After the human muscles exercise, the muscles will become tense and accumulate lactic acid, especially after high-intensity exercise, the muscles will become very hard. If it takes a long time to recover by body function, it will feel sore. In order to avoid and solve this situation, people usually perform static or dynamic stretching after exercise. Pharaoh has said before that the original length of the muscle is the original length of the muscle to see whether a certain muscle in the human body is healthy. The length of the muscle determines whether the muscle is healthy. In the article [The difference between gun massager amazon and stretching exercise], Lao Wang has already given a relevant explanation, and those who are interested can check it out. After running, first use massage gun benefits to relax the calf muscles, and then perform dynamic or static stretching. Over time, you will be surprised to find that the calf muscles have become “thin”. In fact, it is not really thin, but The length of the calf muscles is restored to the original state, so I feel that the calf has become thinner. So the main function of gun massager amazon is to restore the muscles, not to make the legs thinner.

  How to make the legs thinner?

  I saw many people who need stovepipe on the Internet, and most of them are girls (everyone knows), and there are many methods of stovepipe summarized on the Internet, that is, doing aerobic exercise. For example, running, swimming, and cycling are all possible, but whether it is aerobic or anaerobic, it is necessary to relax after exercise. For girls who want to thin their legs, it should be called “shaping”. Be sure to use gun massager amazon to relax the tight muscles by shaking up and down, and then stretch.

  If you want to thin your legs, in addition to using massage gun walmart or foam rollers plus stretching, the most important point is persistence, persistence, or persistence. Think about how the “small thick legs” of Wu Xin, the host of Happy Base Camp, got “thin”? The reason is not the same.

  You should also pay attention to the diet. Not to mention that you have a lot of equipment to slim down your legs. Try to focus on light foods that reduce edema, such as carrots, red beans, and so on.