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  Can taking creatine make you unwell?

  In recent years, as more and more people work out, the domestic nutritional products market also followed the huge, creatine has also become a kind of nutritional supplements indispensable for many fitness enthusiasts. The role of creatine is also recognized by more and more people, but there are some partners taking creatine, but dry mouth, mouth ulcers, face acne and other symptoms. These situations are normal, because people’s resistance is different, the degree of impact is also different, some people after taking creatine as usual, nothing happened.

  In fact, these symptoms vary from person to person, so how to effectively reduce its negative effects?

  First of all, you must drink more water after taking creatine, because creatine will help the body store water, so you will have a feeling of dry mouth, only more water to maximize the effect of creatine.

  Secondly, you can eat more bananas, apples, green beans, etc. during taking creatine, which can effectively avoid this situation

  If the effect is not obvious, you can change the number of times to take creatine, as well as the dosage, to do less food many times.