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  In fitness, there are generally two types of fitness people. One type of fitness people will keep track of their fitness status, and will work out a fitness plan of their own, clear what the weight is during each training session, and the number of times is What kind of rest is between groups, and the other type of fitness people, they are more casual when they work out. Do whatever training action you like, and change to another when you get tired. I don’t know how long I have been training for a certain training action during this training session, and what the training intensity is. It is conceivable that only the former of these two training methods can really go in the fitness circle, because these records are very important in the later period. Rest between groups is easily overlooked by everyone. What is the correct rest between groups? What should we do during the rest between groups? During the warm-up and stretching before and after training, have you noticed these details?

  How should One choose a reasonable break between groups? What can be done during the break between groups?

  1. How to choose components to rest?

  Regarding rest between groups, many people have a misunderstanding that if the rest period is shorter, the muscles will get more exercise, and the effect will be better. In fact, if we want to consider for the whole, we cannot blindly pursue short breaks.

  The specific rest time between sets has a lot to do with the action we choose. If the intensity is too high, then a three-minute break between sets will be more appropriate, because at this time the body can have sufficient time to relax.

  In high-intensity training, if there is only one minute of rest between sets, it seems that after one minute you have been relieved, but the muscles are still in a state of tension. At this time, if you do the next set of training, it will have a training effect. Greatly discounted. Of course, if our intensity is low, choosing a three-point break between groups will only make our previous sense of muscle training disappear.

  2. What can I do to rest between groups?

  Many people just want to know, if there is a three-minute component break, what should be done? Do you just sit in the gym? If you feel that each group takes a three-minute rest, and the relative time is not enough, you can try to merge the two trainings together to form a super training group. After finishing the super training group, rest for three minutes, and the overall time can be adjusted.

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  Secondly, during the rest, we can walk back and forth, and do some stretching and relaxation appropriately, so as to ensure the temperature of the body and muscles. Of course, if you simply want to pass the time, during this rest period, it is understandable to take out your mobile phone and scan your circle of friends.

  02Even if time is tight, don’t omit the warm-up part. It’s important to warm up enough

  1. The importance of warming up

  I believe everyone has heard of the saying that sharpening a knife does not cut wood by mistake. Do you want to be able to increase the efficiency of cutting wood? First of all, the knife needs to be closed, so the process of sharpening the knife cannot be ignored.

  This principle coincides with the warm-up training in fitness. A gentleman can wake up the muscles of our body, so the next training can be more efficient.

  Therefore, during fitness, if our time is relatively tight, we can reduce the training capacity and the training intensity, but can not save the warm-up time. When chopping wood, without a sharp knife, the overall efficiency can be imagined.

  2. How to warm up?

  In the warm-up session, we can first perform aerobic exercise or dynamic stretching with a lower intensity for about five minutes. This will allow the muscles to warm up slowly and quickly enter the training state, followed by simple full-body strength training. Focusing on the target muscles that you mainly exercise on the training day can improve training efficiency.

  Conclusion: Rest between groups is easily overlooked in the fitness program. In fact, if you can take a reasonable rest, it can improve the overall efficiency. I hope everyone can pay more attention to it in the future. Secondly, the full warm-up has been emphasized many times in the fitness circle, and I hope that everyone will not take opportunism and think that they are different.