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  The relaxation of the muscles and muscle massage gun that the muscle massage gun gives people is unmatched by other massage products. During this period of time, Pharaoh actually saw on the Internet that “the muscle massage gun is paying an IQ tax.” It is true that the muscle massage gun has not entered the domestic market for a long time, and it is right to be questioned by people, but the appearance of the muscle massage gun is not for the general public. It is a product for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

  The curiosity of the new products has made the muscle massage gun popular in the domestic market. In addition, the introduction of the flow platform has contributed to the introduction of the Red Sea market.

  Correct use of muscle massage gun

  The reason why Lao Wang started with the muscle massage gun was because he had been sitting in the office for a long time, which caused his lumbar muscle strain and sacral edge strain. It costs 100 yuan to enter the massage shop for a massage. After having a muscle massage gun, I basically don’t go. It seems to be a bit off topic, back to the topic “The correct way to use the muscle massage gun”.

muscle massager

  1. Back massage

  Back massage, along the sides of the spine, in the direction of the erector spinae muscles, you can perform up and down massages. Remember not to move too fast and massage evenly. You can also perform a horizontal massage at the waist.

  2. Shoulder massage

  Place it on the muscle area around the shoulder and gently slide it from top to bottom in the direction of the muscle filaments. , The middle part is the same. Pay attention to the massage evenly, extending to the back of the shoulder.

  Finally, do not increase the pressure too much when using the muscle massage gun, because the muscle massage gun has its own strength, and it can move back and forth toward the massaging muscles. Pay attention to feedback the feelings of use in time, stop the operation if you feel pain, and don’t take too long for one operation!