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  First of all, let’s take a look at what is a cramp?

  We commonly call “cramp” is “muscle spasm”, it is a kind of muscle spontaneous tonic contraction. It is a spontaneous tonic contraction of the muscles. We usually see it in the calves and toes. It is very painful during the attack and may last for several seconds or even tens of seconds. Especially in the middle of the night cramps often wake people up in pain.

  Cramps, since they are contraction spasms of the muscles, are naturally hammerable using a fascial gun.

  Previous solutions to cramps.

  In the past, if a muscle cramp occurred in the calf, the usual practice was to have someone rub the cramped muscle with both hands to “knead” the contracted muscle, and then the cramp would disappear. But because muscle cramps happen so suddenly and with normal hands it is difficult to rub the spastic muscles open, unless you are a professional muscle restorer. At this time, if you have a myofascial gun with you, you can turn it on to the maximum setting and press it against the cramped area, which will soon disperse the cramped muscles.

  The three states of leg cramps

  Methods of using the fascial gun.

  These are not created out of nothing, but are deeply experienced. The first few months I was trapped at home, every day I would go to the court to play ball, and unknowingly my calves would cramp up during the ball game. I took my Voltrx muscle massage gun with me on the third day, because I knew that it was the strongest myofascial gun I had ever seen. When calf cramps occur on the court, he uses it to hammer the cramp and “knock” it back quickly.

  Again, if you really want to use a fascia gun to deal with “muscle cramps”, please choose a trusted brand, Voltrx muscle gun is definitely worth having.