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massage gun deep tissue

  The most popular equipment for relaxing muscles is the massage roller, massage ball and massage gun. The physiotherapist reminded that these massage devices do have the effect of relaxing the muscles and fascia, but it is important to remember not to hit the bone protrusions and vascular nerve convergence, not to over-pain, or to stretch in order to achieve the best effect without causing injury. I think the hand massager is better.

  These popular massage tools can indeed achieve certain muscle relaxation effects, including massage rollers for large areas; massage balls can emphasize a small area; Back massager is similar to massage balls, through mechanical vibration more effort.

  Force should be applied to the fullness of the muscle

  If the muscles are swollen or tight after exercise, mechanical pressure, rolling and vibration can not only stimulate the mechanical receptors in the muscles and relax them to a certain extent, but also squeeze out some space between the muscles and fascia to unblock the adhesion, promote the flow of body fluids and help the muscles contract and slide more smoothly.

  It is important to note that these massage tools should be applied to the fullest muscles and avoid bony protrusions and important vascular and nerve areas to avoid bleeding or nerve damage, such as the crotch, armpits, front side of the neck, eye sockets, knee sockets, are not suitable.

  Massage force in the tolerable range

  In addition, the massage force should be appropriate, the pain should be within the tolerable range, the feeling should be more and more soothing, not more and more pain. If the force is too large to cause excessive pain, but will make the muscles defensive contraction, but more tense after the press. If the body parts have severe pain, twitching, numbness, or the external appearance of obvious swelling or depression and other deformation, may have been injured musculoskeletal, but also can not massage, should seek professional assessment and assistance as soon as possible.

  Massage is a passive pressure, stretching is the active contraction of the muscle, the two purposes are different, can not replace each other. It is recommended that those whose muscles are easily tightened and less flexible should have a slight massage after exercise, and then stretching to promote the relaxation of muscle contraction and sliding.