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protein bottle shaker

  I have several types of blender bottles. I usually use the best portable protein shake mixers to make protein milkshakes and water every day. For the latter, I prefer to use mixing bottles rather than other reusable bottled water, because the protein shaker bottle is easier to clean, because you don’t have to use any long bottles and / or grass brushes, or shake with soap. Everything can be cleaned and easily wiped by hand without any obstacles.

  Now let’s compare it with classic 28 oz blenderbottle.

  -4 ounces. 4oz is not much, but with other new features, it is worth upgrading (assuming that neither is sold and on MSRP). Please note that the filling line is 26 ounces, but can carry 32 Ounces. This basically caters to those who drink protein power drinks, because the powder will add additional volume.

  -Mixer. Similarly, it still works as expected. The effect is better on pro32 because the circular base enhances the mixing and makes the ball hit the surface rather than the plane, which means less shaking for the same result.

  -Nozzle protection. There is a larger thumb groove for easy use, especially if your thumb / hand is sweating

  -Adjustable hand ring. It doesn’t exist in the classic, but other versions of mixing bottles include electric shaker for gym. It is suitable to carry it on your fingers during transportation, or fix it on your bag, backpack, etc. with mountaineering buckle accessories-

  Round base. As mentioned earlier, when using glass shaker bottle blender with powdered drinks, you will reduce the number of repeated shaking. It also makes cleaning easier because most of the contents tend to flow to the center of the circular base rather than hanging on the edge to dry and harden.

  -Antifouling and odor prevention. If you don’t drink protein drinks for a few days, after thorough cleaning, the odor will not be retained for future use

  -More transparent. It’s easier to see how much liquid you have left. It’s good when you go all out and your eyesight is a little shooting.

  In general, this is basically the best core protein shaker bottle blender you can get. It would even be a better idea if they stopped the rest of the production line * to eliminate customers’ confusion about what to choose.

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