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  After an excessive amount of physical exertion, which includes no shortage of work exertion, running, playing ball and gym workouts. When you get home, playing a plate of hot water foot bath can dissipate your own fatigue, so that you can quickly get rest, it is very necessary to restore physical and mental strength, which is actually the same as going to a massage parlor for foot massage relaxation. Podiatry is the main purpose of blood circulation by pressing the acupuncture points on the bottom of the foot or by stimulating the pain points.

  And the use of the fascia gun is like a substitute for artificial only, we know that the role of the fascia gun is to deep muscle relaxation massage, in order to accelerate blood circulation. The use of massage head is a good response to the needs of different parts of the human body.

  If you want to use the fascia gun for foot massage, the cylindrical massage head is good to deal with single-point massage, as long as you can find the corresponding foot acupuncture points. Of course, if your feet are more sensitive, spherical massage head is a good choice. But in the relaxation effect is not as fast as the cylindrical head.

  The specific foot massage steps are: first use the massage gun with a spherical massage head to warm up the soles of the feet, and then use the cylindrical massage head for further massage and relaxation.