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  Today we bring you how to relax the muscles of the arm through the hand massager. Our main loosening today is our small arm and the biceps on the front side of our big arm.

  The actual arm is very high in frequency, whether we use it for work or play. And if you as a fitness crowd, then will often grip the barbell dumbbell, then our small arm also often need to use. Many mothers who hold their children often in their daily lives also cause muscle tension in their small and large arms, and by using a fascial gun to target our small and large arms to complete muscle release.

  Our wrist joint can complete the forward and backward movement, is completed by different muscle groups to cooperate, so our relaxation requirements of the small arm inside the relaxation to the small arm outside, and the small arm muscle group is relatively small and numerous, and because the small arm in the body of some students is relatively weak, then in the fascia gun head selection, we will choose a relatively flat and broad head to complete the muscle massage Relaxation.

  The biceps muscle located on the front side of our arm grows across the entire humerus to the top of the lower arm because it is growing from the scapula. This biceps is actually very long and thin, and when we bend the elbow enough, the biceps will be used relatively more. If the biceps is more tense, our elbow joint will always be in a bent state.

  Small arm massage relaxation

  First of all, when we are relaxing the arm muscles, choose a sitting position. Then put your palms up and zoom in on your thighs. Then turn the fascial gun to second gear and start combing from the inner side of the lower arm first. Gradually transition from the inner side of the small arm to the distal end near the wrist joint, taking care not to touch the wrist joint, as the muscles of the wrist joint are weak and the bones will be more on the side. If you reach the bones, you will feel very uncomfortable.

  To loosen the medial side of the lower arm, we have to follow our muscle fibers, combing the lower arm from the proximal to the distal end to gradually make the transition to the distal end. When we have finished loosening the entire front side of the lower arm, try to rotate the arm slightly, that is, turn the palm of the hand backwards with the arm turned over. At this point more of the small arm muscle group will be exposed, and by this time we are already transitioning immediately medial to lateral, still close to the elbow joint toward the lower wrist joint. We only perform the treatment of the muscle auxiliaries in the small arm, without involving our joints. This prevents the fascial gun from affecting the joint or causing unnecessary damage.

  The small arm of the arm is not suitable for combing and relaxing with those sharp guns because the muscles are weak and the muscle fibers are long, so we will have spherical or flat guns for our small arm massage.

  Once the small arms are relaxed, we will deal with the biceps on the front side of the arm. The biceps is a muscle that is used more frequently in daily life, it starts at the shoulder joint and ends at the elbow joint. The muscle is supplemented on the anterior side of the arm. You may not know why it is called biceps, but it is actually composed of two parts: one on the outside; one on the inside, which is equivalent to it having two parts inside and outside together. When we loosen it, we can’t just take care of one of the directions. We have to let the arm finish rotating in different positions, and finish releasing the whole biceps as a whole. Generally speaking, upward we will hit the lower part of the shoulder joint and downward we will be close to the elbow joint. Although the biceps stops across the elbow joint, the biceps is actually more of a tendon part present at the elbow joint, and our goal is to perform the muscle assist, so we don’t overdo it downward.

  In everyday life, your biceps are more sensitive or tense, so we can try to relax with a more soothing muscle massager head for massage. This means replacing the flat gun head with one that has flexibility.