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  What happens to unhealthy fascia? Body shape, obesity, chest tightness, and hunchback can all be caused by tight fascia. So let’s recognize the importance of fascia and relaxation tips!

  Many women have been feeling weird after having their second child, no matter how hard they try to lift their head and chest, they will be a little hunchbacked! Some people obviously also exercise their back muscles, but it is difficult to straighten their back in daily life, and their pelvis will also unconsciously tilt backwards making their hips look flat. Finally, I was told by my female friends that the abdominal fascia was badly stuck due to two surgeries, and usually the abdomen would be subconsciously tightened and rolled forward, so the pelvis would naturally tilt back, making it difficult to apply force to the hips, and the center of gravity was placed on the knees and thighs. The muscle strength of the lower body is not balanced, so the upper body must be hunched in order to balance the weight of the whole body, so the formation of a hunchback posture, long-term pressure will affect the thoracic spine breathing smoothly, only to find this key factor, through massage to relax the adhesion of the fascia, the body will slowly adjust back! So do not ignore the importance of fascia again!

  When does fascia tend to be tight and sticky?

  Poor posture


  Life style with little activity

  Unhealthy diet

  Overuse of muscles or muscle damage

  Excessive stress

  So to prevent and avoid fascial adhesions, it is very important to maintain a good lifestyle! Being active, exercising, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and adjusting to stress are all important.

  Why do you recommend using a fascial gun to relax the fascia?

  Because there are friends around to learn massage (the formal kind), so follow the massage knowledge. For example, is the muscle relaxation too heavy or too light? Do you know the acupuncture points and tendons? Because also often give massage to friends, so often feel that the general traditional masseur is difficult to achieve complete relaxation of the fascia, after all, requires a lot of force but not too heavy, tight fascia is not by brute force hard pressure can be relaxed.

  Therefore, the role of the massager has become a big advantage for the general public to relax the fascia, because the little guns uses the mechanics of “vibration”, through the legital deep tissue massage gun gun will be transmitted to the “deep” fascia muscles (deeper than the artificial surface massage), so you can relax the tight muscles and untie the muscles and fascia dip than the foam axis and massage, acupuncture and other ways, the fascia gun is faster and more efficient, the effect Also excellent, that is, the most efficient massage tool is the precussor massager!